Tuesday, 18 October 2016


I have never been a 'matte' lipstick kind of girl. Every time I go to one of the premium brands' counters I am always given a creamy one or one which has some shine to it. I haven't minded at all. I always thought this is what suits me, after all the girls at the counters are professionals.
Emma from Made Up! is a Younique presenter who always looks fabulous. She fell in love with the mascara earlier in the year and decided that was a great business opportunity. It has been 8 months since she started but her enthusiasm about the products is just as catchy as it was back in February. Her detailed knowledge is second to none and she has a great eye when it comes to recommending products. She knows my love for quality make up products so when Younique announced the new 'Splash' range she promptly asked me to try one out and tell her my thoughts. I was super excited! In my opinion it is always better to try before you buy! (A little secret - Younique have a 14 day guarantee so if you are not happy with a product you simply return it. How amazing is that?) Following the make over I received last month I was very keen on adding a couple of products to my make up bag. The quality is very similar to my usual brands and the best thing - it is a lot cheaper! I call that 'win win'! Plus a girl can never have too many lipsticks in her purse....

I received 'Stubborn' which is Cherry Red.
This is another thing I like about Younique products - everything has a name you can easily remember! I have always wanted to have a red lipstick and yet I haven't been bold enough to go out and buy one. I feel so lucky Emma chose this colour for me. 'She nailed the colour' said hubby, even my best friend who hates make up admitted I looked stunning.
This is a very bold colour and if you want to make a statement, order one now! Trust me, you will be noticed and admired.
The precision applicator makes for easy application, the mousse texture glides on with ease on your lips. I only needed 2 layers but it is really easy to build on more if you wish. It is lightweight on the lips and the best thing - it doesn't flake, crack or peel. The pointed tip of the applicator defined my Cupid's bow beautifully too. It comes in 10 colours and friends, I am now choosing my next one.
This is how impressed I am with this product. The fact that these lipsticks are made without oil, parabens, alcohol and fragrance make them definitely worth it. I put it on at 9 am and by 7 pm that evening it was still on my lips, no smudges, no fading... Throughout the day I had numerous cups of coffee, water, lunch and dinner. I am telling you, it stays on! I am sure this lipstick will last me for a very long time. Do you need any more reasons to get your hands on one?
They retail at £21. It's a bargain, I know!

Have you tried the Younique SPLASH range? Which one is your favourite?


Disclaimer: I was given this product free of charge to comment on its quality. This blog post was my idea and all words and opinions are my own.

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