Friday, 13 November 2015


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Those of you who know me know that I am a sucker for good quality make up brands. For years I have been looking for the perfect foundation for me. Powder, liquid, cream - there is loads of choice. Brands - again, loads of choice. Do you go for the premium ones or stick to the high street brands? How do you choose the perfect foundation?

For years I have been buying premium brands when it comes to my facial products. My husband (we were only dating at the time) gave me a cute palette of eye shadows by Dior and I was in love. (With the quality!!!). Fast forward eleven! years and I am continuing to buy expensive products. I have tried various brands and my latest favourite is the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15. I am the kind of girl who loves her make up to look as natural as possible and this silky smooth liquid provides just that. We were at Heathrow Airport about three months ago and because we were there so early we had about an hour to kill before boarding time. The girl at the Bobbi Brown desk was free so I asked her for some help in choosing the right foundation for me. I was going to spend the following six weeks in a super hot country and I needed something light with good coverage which wouldn't run all over my face if I got too sweaty. Having recently finished a mineral based powder foundation I wanted a change from the brush application and was looking for a liquid foundation. After trying three different shades on my forehead we agreed on the colour that would suit me best. Because I had so much time the make up artist applied full make up on my face, starting with a toner, primer, the chosen foundation. She then added concealer and bronzer, eye shadows, mascara and lipstick. I. was. in. heaven. Period. Going on holiday and starting your day (our flight was around 8 am) with such a treat was something I never thought was possible! I was impressed with the quality of the service I was provided and walked away looking glamorous.
Three months on I am still using the foundation every single day and I couldn't be happier. No more uneven skin tone, no more redness on my cheeks, no more shiny T-zone. All you see is flawless, beautiful complexion that lasts all day. The weightless, invisible coverage does not dry out your skin either. On the contrary, it hydrates it throughout the day. Designed for normal to oily skin types the matt finish this foundation gives you is second to none too.

The Skin Foundation SPF15 comes in 17 different shades. The pump style bottle eases the application and helps in avoiding waste.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15 retails at around £31.50 (30ml)
I purchased mine at Heathrow Airport end of July 2015 for just under £26 (30ml)

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Disclaimer: This is an honest review based on my personal experience of the product.

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