Tuesday, 25 October 2016


There. I said it. I am a 'new' me. And I am very proud of it.
This is my story...
Ever since I gave birth to my first born I have been struggling with a few extra pounds. Nothing excessive but let's be honest - I was not comfortable wearing a bikini on the beach. Then my daughter came along and a couple more pounds
crept up. My husband, friends and family were all very supportive. They were all telling me the right things - eat healthy, stay fit, drink more water and you will be in your old body in no time. Hmmm. It didn't quite work like that. In fact, I kept trying various methods to lose weight and found all of them ineffective. At least they didn't do anything for me. Then back in 2013 over the summer a distant friend mentioned something to me. It sounded ridiculous but I had nothing to lose.(I have no pictures of that time on this laptop as it was purchased only a couple of years ago). I told myself I will give this method a go. If it didn't work, I will start paying a dietician. (Bear in mind I could not afford one!) So after 2 days of non stop research I made a plan - 14 days detox followed by a 14 days of a very strict eating regime. It sounded like hell but I was at a point of pure desperation. My maid of honour was getting married in 7 weeks and I really wanted to buy a new dress and feel comfortable in it. Surely I could do 14 days detox. Surely I had the willpower to do it. Just only after 10 days I was a new person - even skin tone, shiny hair, strong nails.... the best bits - all my stomach fat was gone. The scales showed I hadn't lost much, only about 4 to 5 pounds but this detox regime has taken centimetres off my waist, stomach, bum and thighs! I couldn't believe. After day 14 I felt incredible and in a completely different state of mind. I was more relaxed and finally happy with myself. The most amazing thing was over the next 14 days. Despite the regimented eating the weight continued to drop off. In 28 days I lost the incredible stone and a half (about 11 kg) and I dropped 2.5 dress sizes! How incredible was that?! (Unfortunately I cannot find any pictures of her wedding so I can show off my gorgeous dress. Sad really, but hubby is looking into it. I will update as soon as he finds where he saved them!) I was confident, excited and outgoing again. 6 months later I was still skinny, still happy, still confident. This detox had worked. Then I was prescribed a medication for a non-related issue and a side effect was weight gain. In only a month I put on over a stone.
This is me, about 2 months after I started the medication back in 2014. I look and feel like a giant ball.
This is from October 2014 - no, I was not pregnant. Thank you for asking!!!
It was shocking and awful but I had no will power to do anything about it. I was able to get off the medication after 14 months and it has taken me over a year to summon the courage to try this detox again. Over the last year I was going to the gym minimum of twice a week, sometimes up to 5 times a week but there were no results. Yes, a bit of the weight dropped, but nothing major. This summer I decided to give the detox another go.
This is me around 6 weeks before I started the detox.
And I am so glad I did. The clothes I bought back in 2013, the ones I haven't been wearing over the last 2 years fit me again. Some are even loose. My husband took me shopping last weekend. I have now dropped to size 6 for tops. I am still working on my bum and legs but depending on the brand I now buy jeans size 8 or 10. I feel amazing. My detox and diet plan is not about getting down to size 6. It is about allowing your body to be comfortable. It is about you giving your body a chance to show you how you should look like. It is about your body teaching you what it needs and you responding accordingly.

Along with my new body I decided to chop off my beautiful long hair. My daughter told me three months ago I looked like Pocahontas. Although I like the cartoon I thought it was definitely time for a change. All of my friends begged me not to cut it. I had to go to three different hairdressers to get the look I had chosen.
This is the before picture
This is the after picture. So different, don't you think?
I am so glad I went with my gut. I am told I look younger, fresher and more radiant than ever. What more can a girl want?
This is me, letting my hair air dry in September 2016.

What do you think? Was it worth it? If you would like to find out more about my 28 days detox and eating plan please contact me.

It has now been a month since I finished the detox and the diet plan that went with it. I am still losing weight and my skin has never been clearer. But more on that in another post :)


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