Friday, 7 October 2016


Hello hello hello!

I am back! It feels like it has been ages since I was last sitting down and writing a post. The truth is that it has been months since I last wrote something. Months!!! Where does the time go?! After 6 weeks abroad without my laptop I have finally settled the kids into school life and am finding the time to write about this and that.
I need to point out that this post is about my moments in August and September. I am planning a post on family moments later this month.
Sitting in my kitchen (where else??) enjoying the sun streaming through my windows I am hoping that October will inspire me to write more and actually stick to the schedules I give myself. When I used to work I was always very organised. I had so many deadlines and various schedules that I had made it a habit to finish everything ahead of time so I didn't need to worry about missing a deadline. Then I became a full time mother and things slowly changed....So I am trying to fight back and be MISS SUPER ORGANISED once again.

Whilst I was away I lost a stone :) and I couldn't be happier! I still haven't had the time to go through all our summer pictures but when I do I will show you my transformation.
I also cut my hair. From this:
 to this!
It took me ages to find a hairdresser willing to cut it - apparently women over a certain age should keep their hair long as it is their main asset. I soooo do not agree with that! Cutting my hair has earned me hundreds of compliments and I couldn't be happier. It has taken years off me (or so people say), it is a lot easier to manage and I can now have various looks depending on how I style it. Result.

Kids started school again! Happy days!

I am a reborn gym fanatic - I am now in the gym minimum of 3 times a week and I have successfully improved my speed and distance on the thread mill. I have included various exercises to my program to keep the weight off and tighten my skin. {There will be no pictures of me in the gym. Ever. Unless my husband join me for a run and takes some before we start. Considering he doesn't like running chances of me in a pair of running leggings is extremely slim. Not that I am complaining!} What I can show you is my new gym outfit. 'Very bold leggings' said one of my friends but I loved the print so much that I had to have them.

I am back in the kitchen! I missed cooking and baking. I hadn't done any baking since 20th July. How did that happen I have no idea. But I have already made scones, banana bread, sausage rolls and apple and cider muffins in a space of less than two weeks. Here are some pictures for you:

I cannot wait to start sharing my recipes again with you guys.

I have done these:
 1000 piece, loved doing it!
These cute dogs are made from 1500 pieces and let me tell you - they were really tricky to do! very challenging but I enjoyed every minute of it. (every hour is closer to the truth.....)
I simply love a good puzzle! Ravensburger is my preferred choice but all puzzles which have 1000+ pieces are good enough for me:))
I discovered and read tons of books. I am thinking about writing a few book reviews so watch this space.
These were my favourite moments over the last two moments. What were yours?
Desi in the Kitchen

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