Thursday, 10 December 2015


Things have been a bit quiet in Desi in the Kitchen the last few days. I have been on Twitter only once if I recall correctly and haven't posted anything since Friday. I have been 'offline' because I needed a break. I needed to have a day to myself

Friday, 4 December 2015


Wait a second! You can make a classic quite tricky cake even trickier to make?! YES! OH YES! (Just ask my husband, he will be more than willing to tell you how long he spent cutting out templates the day before my birthday!)

So many people have asked me why I made my own birthday cake. a) Because I love baking b) Because my husband works long hours c) Because we all wanted to eat a cake after all (hubby offered to make me one but then added that we may end up with food poisoning...)

So for three weeks before hand I was researching recipes and wondering what I should bake. I wanted a cake I haven't made before and something challenging at the same time. I was watching one of the Masterclass episodes from the GBBO on the Iplayer and saw Mary Berry explaining how to do a round Battenberg cake. She made it look so easy! So this was it! I was going to have a go at it. I was going to make a round Battenberg too! I found a recipe for

Thursday, 3 December 2015


This Instagram picture attracted a few likes and a few new followers so I thought I would share a traditional Bulgarian recipe.

Feeds 1:
3 eggs, the fresher the better
Bulgarian soft white cheese/Greek salad cheese/Mozarella (or a combination) , around 100-150gr

Poach the eggs as you like them. Leave them on

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


This is one of these recipes which will leave you wondering why on earth you haven't ever made it/haven't made it in a while. It is so easy, so delicious and most importantly if your kids love pasta, they will love chicken Alfredo too!
Although I love challenging myself in the kitchen I prefer to do it during the day when the kids are at school. Yesterday it was a completely different story - I was home for about half an hour just before school pick up and then me and the kids didn't get back till 4:30pm. With football practice starting at 6 pm I was seriously pressed for time to make them a homemade meal, that's not just sandwiches or cheese on toast. I remembered I had some