Monday, 3 October 2016


It has been a few months since my last post. I was abroad for a very long time without my laptop. I dare say I found it quite blissful and relaxing. Now that I am back in the UK and the kids have settled into school life I am ready to write again. I have to say I missed writing. I missed cooking too but that is a whole different story!
Anyway... I am back. I am a 'new' me.
I lost the last few extra pounds I had piled up over the last 3 years. (How I did that I will tell you in another exciting post later this month). I had been talking for quite a while that I wanted to cut my hair. I did that despite everyone apart from my mom and husband telling me not to do it. I am so glad I listened to my gut - I have never ever received so many compliments on my hair! It was incredible, really and something I haven't even thought would happen. So following my transformation one of the school mums kindly offered me a free makeover with one of her new recruits. I was a touch sceptical at first - who gives you free make overs without expecting anything from you? But with the autumn at our doors and the winter just around the corner I thought it was a great opportunity to try some new products.
Sasha from Harmoneyes Make Up is a very talented professional make up artist. She had just joined Younique as she fell in love with the products. I had never met her before that day but she put me on ease instantly. Sasha is very easy to talk to and her knowledge in skincare is impeccable. I was the first person to agree to one of her free make-overs and I felt privileged to be in her expert hands. After walking me through all the products available
she choose the perfect shade of BB flawless cream for my face (bisque). {This is me without any make up on!}

 I tend to have dark circles under my eyes every so often and that day she had to use the Touch mineral concealer in organza to cover them up. I am a sucker for a good blusher and the Younique range does not disappoint. Sasha used Sweet and Moodstruck. I was going out that same evening so I asked her for 'smoky eyes' which she did beautifully using a selections of shades and a just the right amount of shimmer. Brow liner is one of my products to use this year so we agreed on Medium shade.
The lipstick she chose for me was a shade I would have never chosen myself to go with the smoky eyes but as a professional make up artist Sasha does know her combinations. Opulence lipstick in vain is gorgeous. A lovely shade of red it is creamy, long lasting and very effective lipstick. If you want to make an impression this shade should be yours!
{This is the final look}
Because I treated myself to a set of individual eye lashes whilst I was away I could not try out the so very famous Younique mascara. However, I have agreed with Sasha to have a play with it once I have them removed. Everyone who knows me will tell you that although my natural hair is almost black my eyelashes are very pale brown. They are also extremely short so I am pretty sure the Younique mascara will be a perfect match for me. I will keep you posted :)


Disclaimer: I have not been given free products or money to write this post. I decided to share my experience as I had a great time. All words and opinions are my own.

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