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Back in September whilst flicking through a random magazine (such a rare occasion for me!) I saw an advert for a night crème. I am a thirty-something year old woman who is fascinated with skin care products and adverts like this always catch my eye. I remember looking at the page thinking 'I really want this one'. I have been looking for a good night cream over the previous two years and having tried a few I was actually disappointed. In the winter season I tend to get dry spots along my jaw line and I need a cream which will smooth them away overnight so when I wake up in the morning I can put my make up on without worrying I will have a flaky skin. I am also a night owl - I may go upstairs to bed at 10pm every night but I rarely fall asleep before midnight. One of my children likes to wake up at least twice a night to go to the toilet or just to talk to me, so I have been suffering from poor sleep for the last 8 years! My alarm goes off at 6:45am every morning so sleep depravation is something I know all too well. I have noticed over the years that the dark spots under my eyes grow darker and bigger and amount of concealer is enough to make them disappear from my face. My skin has become duller and drier and I have been struggling with an uneven skin tone more and more. Foundation had become a best friend for my face. And out of nowhere there seem to be a solution to all my face skin problems!!!! Vichy's Idelia Skin Sleep Gel-Balm promises 'an ideal skin quality upon awakening, even in cases of poor sleep'. I simply had to try it to make sure for myself if this claim was true.
It was a clever ad - a £5 off voucher was attached to the page. With my birthday being less than 2 months away I gave the voucher to hubby and told him: 'I want this for my birthday'. He barely glanced at it....
I did get it for my birthday (alongside my fabulous K-Mix! You can read all about it here .) I opened the wrapped present to look at a very cute pink box.
Inside was a lovely pink jar with a mirrored lid (nice surprise).
The gel-balm smells divine. It is also pale pink in colour (it suits me just fine, I have to say, I am a girl who loves pink).
Nice, silky smooth and light texture gets absorbed by skin of your face quickly and efficiently. When I wake up in the morning my skin is supple and smooth, all my dry spots gone (I will be honest, on a couple of occasions when it had been really windy outside my dry spots did not clear 100%, on those days it was more of a 80% but I was still happy with the results from this gel-balm). My skin texture has completely changed - it more radiant and my skin tone has evened out slightly. I am going out with my foundation on the odd days without feeling awkward about it. My skin feels plumped, full of moisture every morning without a fail. My dark spots are smaller and brighter and there are days when I don't have to use my concealer! Despite the 5 hours sleep I get on an average night I look refreshed in the mornings and my friends have commented how well I look. This is a product that works really well for me and chances are it will work for most people as it is suitable for all skin types. The fact it is a gel-balm means it really is silky smooth on touch - some days I feel like smothering my whole body in it!

So far I have used Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep every night for over 2 months and the jar still looks quite full. I am confident it will last me at least another 2-3 months which makes it really worth it. It is by far the best night crème I have ever had and is one that I will happily continue to use.

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