Wednesday, 1 June 2016


1925 the World Conference for the Well Being of Children proclaimed 1st June to be the International Children's Day. This is one of the most loved holidays back home in Bulgaria. It has always been a big deal over there and still is today. In my childhood all cars were driving with their lights on for the whole day despite the fact it is the summer season. (Nowadays everyone drives with their lights on all the time, so it is nothing special anymore). Me and my brother were always taken out to a cake shop for a slice, chocolate milk and a toy or a book to follow. It was the day we were allowed as much sugar as we wanted. Plus grandparents gave us presents too. It was heaven. We loved it, in fact all kids did. This morning my kids received a book from my mother. Sweets from me. It is half term, a very wet day so we are still home and the kids are enjoying an afternoon movie. Over the years I have tried to make a big deal out of today, have tried to show them they are special. However, because no other child celebrates it both my kids have found it quite difficult to explain to their friends why got presents today. Somehow no one in the UK seems  to be celebrating it. I am sure loads of parents out there acknowledge it but for some odd reason no one is doing anything about it. Fair enough, 1st June here is always during half term and parents are pressured enough to do out and do 'fun' things with their kids. Thinking of another thing to do just because it is the International Children's Day is daunting and I fully accept this. I would have been reluctant to do something extra with my children today has it not been for my mother. When she arrived last Friday she had a little toy for each child. She had come prepared for today - this morning after breakfast both kids received another present and so far today they have been allowed to do pretty much whatever they wanted. It is their day after all so today I am not getting upset about the mess in their bedroom, the spilled water on the table or the noise they are making. And boy, noise they can make. My head feels as if it has tripled in size and it is only 2 pm. Luckily the film seems to keep them somewhat quiet and after 2 paracetamol tablets I am ready for the next challenge. As the film is coming to its end and the sky is clearing up I am thinking of taking them to the local garden centre for a piece of cake. Never mind the fact I made a marble Madeira cake yesterday (which already finished)
nor the fact I will be making a Tres Leches cake later today. (I have always fancied making one and today just seems right for it). We do not take out our children very often to restaurants or coffee shops as we keep these for special occasions, a treat if you like. Today feels like one of these occasions. They will get a hot chocolate or juice plus a massive cookie/brownie/slice of cake and the sugar rush will keep them going until after 8pm tonight. (They go to bed after 7pm). I will be exhausted by the time they are asleep, no doubt, but it will be worth it. Tonight they will tell daddy all about it and it would break my heart that he couldn't be part of today. But the kids will go to bed with smiles on their faces, will keep chatting gone 9 pm and hopefully will sleep till 8 am tomorrow.(unlikely, but I have to hope!)
I hope I am able to create lovely memories for them, memories they will treasure. If they continue the tradition of celebrating the International Children's Day with their children, I would be the happiest mum in the world. Would you celebrate today's day with your children?

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