Friday, 21 November 2014


I know, it does sound odd! But you know me - always willing to try out a new recipe, no matter how weird it is!
I came across it in a Waitrose magazine back in September 2013. At the time they had a campaign about putting veg in cake. There were three recipes in total and I finally came round to having a go at this one.

I agree with the author - courgette and chocolate might seem an odd choice of flavour combination but you end up with a very dark, rich squidgy cake
. Although I did not manage to blitz the pistachios into flour the texture of the cake seemed just right to me and my friends who tried it. It is an expensive cake however, it is surprisingly easy to make. It is perfect for anyone with gluten allergy due to the rice flour. (You need to use gluten-free baking and cocoa powders too).
I was expecting this cake to be very moist, heavy and difficult to bake. To my astonishment, the courgettes did not leak any moisture and the cake baked beautifully in about 35 minutes. I do not have 7' tins so used 8' instead. The cake did not rise at all (or if it did it was only a very gently rise) but once assembled it looks great.
I am still wondering why I had to beat chilled butter until softened for the icing. One of my friends who bakes a lot had no clue either. However, the icing does taste different than the usual butter cream icing.

All in all, great cake and you could never tell courgettes were huge part of it. It is lower in fat and calories than traditional cakes and it tastes delicious too.

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